New Microphones Coming Soon - Limited Time Offer

I’m currently sold out of microphones.  However, I’m completing the fixture and jig-making necessary to manufacture my improved design for an ultra-light frame drum microphone.  I will begin production of these “Mark II” microphones in the coming days as my parts orders arrive.

The difference between these and the original microphones is an improved shockmounting system that more effectively floats the microphone, isolating it from shocks and vibrations while keeping it rigidly mounted to the frame of your instrument.  

Additionally, the new shockmount is made of thin aircraft aluminum and is a few grams lighter than the copper lug used on my original microphone design.  

The ‘feel’ of a pandeiro with the new microphone attached has not changed and the balance is the same, with the shockmount’s ‘center of gravity’ still rigidly anchored inside the shell by my original clamping mechanism.

new Pics/Vids coming soon.

These new microphones will cost US$325.   


If you would like to get the MkII microphone for the price of the original mic but don’t mind waiting, I will honor the old price through March 15th.  So, if you can wait a month, you can get the new microphone for US$300.