If you would like to order a frame drum microphone, use Paypal to pay framedrummics_at_gmail.com the amount indicated for your shipping location:

  • USA: $331.40
  • Canada: $338.78
  • Elsewhere: $378.74

Double-check to be sure that Paypal has your current address because this is where your microphone will be shipped.  I will only ship to the address you give to Paypal.  If you are in or near New York City, you can make an appointment to meet me at my workshop in Brooklyn to pick up your microphone and avoid Paypal/shipping charges.

You must give me the maximum thickness of the shell of the drum(s) that you expect to use this on.  There are 3 sizes:

  • SMALL fits shells as large as 5/16” (8mm) - perfect for most handmade pandeiros (Bira, Pizzott, Fabiano, etc. which are 1/4”); it also fits the Cooperman Tar and Bendir (5/16”).
  • MEDIUM fits shells as large as 9/16” (14mm) - fits the Cooperman Pandeiro (7/16”) and Riq (1/2”).
  • LARGE fits shells as large as 13/16” (20mm) - fits almost everything else.

All orders will ship via USPS global priority mail and I will send you the tracking number as soon as your package has shipped.  Once your microphone is en route, you’ll be able to track it and make arrangements to meet the delivery.

Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for deliveries once the tracking shows that an attempt has been made to deliver the package.  Every country’s postal service handles this differently and I have no way of following up beyond the involvement of the USPS.  To avoid problems, be sure to track your shipment closely so that you can meet the delivery.  If the microphone is returned to me in the mail as undeliverable, I will happily re-send the microphone to you for the cost of shipping it again.  I will also be happy to refund your money for the microphone provided it returns in the condition in which it shipped.