The Frame Drum Microphone System, initially developed as my personal solution for amplifying the pandeiro, is to the best of my knowledge, the first microphone designed specifically for a frame drum.  It has switchable output modes for interfacing either with a conventional sound system (via a balanced, low-impedance, phantom powered XLR output), or an instrument amplifier/ electronic effects chain (via high-impedance, battery powered, 1/4” output).  Due to overwhelming interest my design, I’ve decided to make these microphones available to the general public through this website.  The microphone assembly was designed to be as light and physically balanced as possible, yet rugged enough to take a pounding without sacrificing sound quality. The shock-mounting system, cable stress relief, and adjustable frame-clamp ‘float’ the active transducer element and allow the microphone to be quickly swapped between drums.


  • Ultra-light aluminum cardioid condenser microphone held in a resilient shock isolation system which minimizes handling noise and protects the microphone.
  • Microphone clamp assembly adds only 35 grams to the weight of your drum.
  • Phantom-powered driver circuitry housed externally in rugged floor chassis and connected by10’ cable.
  • High output level, even at low gain settings
  • Transformer balanced XLR output 
  • Internally switchable 1/4” instrument level output.
  • Fully detachable, swappable, and repairable cable.
  • Specifically designed for frequency range, transient response, and sound pressure levels of pandeiro (perfect for most frame drums).
  • Proudly crafted by hand (not mass produced) from top-quality components (including Mogami cable and Neutrik connectors) by musician-engineers in Brooklyn, New York.  Each microphone is individually tested before shipping.


The Frame Drum Microphone System (microphone/clamp assembly, 10’ cable, and power module with switchable output) is available for the introductory price: US $300.  Shipping and handling costs apply.

Availability and Ordering:

I am currently accepting orders on a first come, first served basis.  Please fill out this order form to select the size and list any special considerations for your microphone.  I will contact you when I have microphones ready to ship.  Otherwise, you can simply pay for your mic via paypal as indicated on the Ordering page.